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Linear is St. Louis's most unique tattoo studio located within WINK BEAUTY STUDIOS, creating an experience like no other in a newly built private suite. Everyone is welcome from small first-time tattoos to large scale pieces.

Christina covers lots of styles from black & gray, geometric/dot work, fine line, single needle, micro-realism, some airbrush color and minimal. Her pieces range in size from tiny to sleeves. She will take a customized approach and work with her clients to create a beautiful piece they will cherish forever. Christina is fully licensed, expertly trained and uses only the best equipment and supplies. She also offers PMU Eyebrow services.

Linear Tattoo Studio



Fine Line Tattoo's have become increasingly popular all over the world. Aside from the celebrity trend, part of the appeal of small, fine line tattoos is that they are dainty, are a softer look, easy to hide if desired and can be created using more linear designs. 

From delicate line drawings of flowers, animals, objects and scribbled or cursive script to the faces of your favorite pet and mythical creatures, it is a unique and modern approach to body art. A very popular request is replicating the signature or writing of a loved one. 

A fine line tattoo is generally done with a single needle or a very small grouping of tattoo needles. It demands a great deal of control and precision. Any design can be done in a fine line style, she will also execute shading to add to the artistry of some of the tattoos. 

Christina Passanise artist at Linear Tattoo


HELLO  and thank you for visiting, I'm Christina!

I am the owner of Wink Beauty Studios and Linear Tattoo. I'm a licensed tattoo artist with 20 years of working in the permanent cosmetics world and building a beauty brand in STL. My passion for art, tattoos and a wonderful mentorship led me to become a fine line tattoo artist almost 4 years ago. I've really enjoyed the journey of finding my style in tattooing and helping my clients create a piece of art that tells a unique and beautiful story. 

I specialize in fine line script or block lettering, handwriting tattoos, micro realism, tiny tattoos, flash art, illustrative, black and gray, geometric, floral, animals, large scale and small scale.... maybe some color pieces soon! I also provide eyebrow PMU services such as Microblading and Powder Brows.

My goal when building my studio was to offer a beautiful, safe, private and non-intimidating atmosphere for anyone and everyone wanting to experience a tattoo. From the music to the complimentary water, coffee and snacks you will be feeling the most relaxed you've ever felt receiving a tattoo, that's for sure!


I love getting to know my clients and learning all about what's happening in their lives so feel free to chat during your session or if quiet time is more your thing no worries, you are welcome to chill to some music or I have Netflix ready for you during your session. 

I'm throwing out all of the old stigmas and welcoming you to a fresh and modern way of experiencing a tattoo! Can't wait to make some art with you!





How do I book an appointment and get a quote?

Bookings and quotes can be made by emailing Christina directly using the form at the bottom of the page. Remember to provide your contact information, a detailed description of the design, reference photos, size, and placement. This enables her to process your request quicker. Turn around time can be about 1-4 days.

How much are Fine Line Tattoos?

- "tiny tats" under 1/2 inch priced by design

- starting at $150-250 minimum for 1-2 inch designs or 2+ words

- $350-700 for medium sized projects with more intricate design details.

- Over 4 inches and more detailed designs will be quoted per design and based on size and intricacy.

- 1/2 or Full Sleeve: Larger pieces typically take 1-3 sessions and range from $1000-$4000 ( *currently not accepting large scale projects )

$100 deposit is required upon scheduling. A minimum of one week prior to your appointment she will begin to work on your design and will send you a mock up via email. Up to 1 design revision is included in the cost. Any additional revisions are $50 each. If you decide to hold off on having your tattoo done after the design process has already begun, your deposit will be retained. 

Fine Line Cost breakdown: Design Prep plus Appointment time = total

1. Included in the cost is design (if needed) and prep time which includes 1 mock up and 1 revision. If you are requesting more than 1 custom design in a session there will be an additional design fee per image. There is quite a bit of time that goes into creating the design to make them tattoo ready.  For more intricate designs the price may be quoted higher due to design and length of the session.

2. The extremely intricate process of tattooing in this fashion takes much longer per size than traditional tattooing as we are using finer needles and creating finer details.

3. A follow up appointment will be included if needed within the first 3 months.

How old do I need to be?

18+ no exceptions or minor waivers allowed. Please bring your government issued ID on the date of your appointment.

What is your cancel policy?

Please allow 48 hours for all rescheduling. Deposits are fully refundable before your artwork is emailed out. Please contact Kara directly via text only at 636.323.9047 or email Christina directly to cancel or reschedule. If you cancel less than 48 hours before your appointment or no-show, your initial deposit will be charged as a design fee and a new deposit will be required to confirm a new booking. 

Does it hurt?

Not if you don't want it to! One of the great things about having your tattoo done at Linear is that you will never be shamed for wanting to use numbing prior to your tattoo. We suggest purchasing PAINLESS TATTOO NUMBING CREAM max strength on Amazon prior to your appointment. You'll need to apply the cream according to the directions on the package and wrap very loosely with plastic wrap. 

How do I prep for my tattoo?

We recommend that you have a bite to eat beforehand and stay hydrated. It’s ideal not to consume alcohol prior to or the night before your appointment as alcohol can increase bleeding. If you have had extreme sun exposure within 5 days of having your tattoo or a sunburn, we unfortunately would have to reschedule and  the 48 hour policy applies. Make sure to wear loose tops or sports bras that do not rub on the area you are wanting tattooed, shorts if needed, appropriate shoes/sandals for the area you are having tattooed. New tattoos need room to heal correctly so please do not wear anything restrictive or white.  Make sure to keep the area being tattooed clean and moisturized for 1 week prior to your appointment.

What are the contraindications?

1. Currently taking antibiotics or cortisone

2. Pregnant or breastfeeding 

3. Received a vaccination in the past 48 hours

4. Going on vacation that involves sun/water within 2 weeks

5. Arriving with a sunburn

6. Aptopic Dermatitis at the location of the tattoo

7. Produce Keloid scaring with minor scratches

8. Under 18 years of age

9. Intoxicated or under the influence of drugs

10. You arrive without government issued ID

How long is the healing process?

You will be provided the aftercare instructions in an email- check your junk folder if you haven't received it. Swimming and sunbathing will not be recommended for two weeks minimum. The skin will be healed within 2 weeks but, it's important to "baby" the area for about a month using sunblock and moisturizer. 

How to determine what area to tattoo:

Choosing where to place your tattoo can be a hard decision. She will help you determine the best location and size for your tattoo to age the best and last the test of time. The areas of the body that are the most ideal to tattoo are the arms, legs and back. The side of the body, behind the ear, feet and hands are considered more difficult areas as far as healing and ink retention. Those areas have a higher risk of ink migration which results in fuzzy or blurred lines. Any Fine Line detailed imagery will need to be placed on the back, arms or legs.

Do you do cover-ups?

Unfortunately, at this time she does not offer cover-up work. That includes adding to an existing tattoo. Touch up and maintenance appointments are accepted only for work she has done.

Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?


You are allowed to bring up to one guest to your appointment unless you are having group tattoo's scheduled. If you require the support of a loved one, it's totally understandable and it is allowed. If you bring more than 1 guest they are welcome to wait in the lobby. Striving to ensure that high standards of hygiene are maintained & allowing enough space/concentration for the artist to work is important. Having a tattoo done at Linear isn't scary, promise! 

Do you do finger tats?

She does HOWEVER, based on our experience finger tattoos tend to not age well. We cannot guarantee that you will get the desired result with tattoos on the fingers. For some people finger tattoos will fade or spread sooner than tattoos on other areas. The ink tends to fade and drop out over time and will require lots of maintenance. There will be a fee for additional touch up's to hands or fingers.

How do Fine Line Tattoos age?

As far as how fine lined, slim needle tattoos age, there are many variables which affect the tattoo over time. Skin type, aftercare, and regular maintenance are all things to consider. However, so long as you take care of the tattoo, it will continue to look beautiful. Touch ups are always easy and a possibility as well. 



** this request is for one person only **

If requesting for others, please refer to them to this page to fill out a separate form in order to receive group booking.

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